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All cakes can be hand-delivered in Leeds and surrounding areas upon request
Here at The Whimsical Cake
Company, we didn't invent the cake.

We just have a very special way of making them. With the attention to detail and quality being of upmost importance.

Our cakes are handmade in the heart of Yorkshire, using the finest ingredients. Founder of the Whimsical Cake Company Skye Stevenson started out making cakes purely for recreation. However word soon spread and she started making cakes to order.

Skye trained in London and has worked with some of the most prestige cake decorators in the United Kingdom.

Skye states her creative flair comes from loving everything whimsical and magical and takes some of her ideas from films such as Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland:

"I love to escape to a magical place inside my head filled with candy canes and sugar and spice to create truly whimsical pieces for my clients".

Happy Eating, Skye x
For more information click here, or call us on 07515 941 541
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